Genre: Rock
Carrier: LP
Year of release: 1995
Label: Apple Records – 7243 8 34445 1 9, Apple Records – PCSP 727
Country: U.K.
Audio Codec: WavPack
Rip type: tracks
Recording Format: 32/192
Distribution Format: 32/192
Duration: 02:02:01


LP 1
Side 1
A01 – Free As A Bird
A02 – Speech: John Lennon: „We were four guys … that’s all”
A03 – That’ll Be The Day
A04 – In Spite Of All The Danger
A05 – Speech: Paul McCartney: „Sometimes I’d borrow … those still exist”
A06 – Hallelujah, I Love Her So
A07 – You’ll Be Mine
A08 – Cayenne
A09 – Speech: Paul: „First of all … it didn’t do a thing here”
A10 – My Bonnie
A11 – Ain’t She Sweet
A12 – Cry For A Shadow

Side 2
B01 – Speech: John: „Brian was a beautiful guy … he presented us well”
B02 – Speech: Brian Epstein: „I secured them … a Beatle drink even then”
B03 – Searchin’
B04 – Three Cool Cats
B05 – The Sheik Of Araby
B06 – Like Dreamers Do
B07 – Hello Little Girl
B08 – Speech: Brian Epstein: „Well, the recording test … by my artists”
B09 – Besame Mucho
B10 – Love Me Do
B11 – How Do You Do It
B12 – Please Please Me

LP 2
Side 3
C01 – One After 909 (Sequence)
C02 – One After 909 (Complete)
C03 – Lend Me Your Comb
C04 – I’ll Get You
C05 – Speech: John: „We were performers … in Britain”
C06 – I Saw Her Standing There
C07 – From Me to You
C08 – Money (That’s What I Want)
C09 – You Really Got A Hold On Me
C10 – Roll Over Beethoven

Side 4
D01 – She Loves You
D02 – Till Ther Was You
D03 – Twist And Shout
D04 – This Boy
D05 – I Want To Hold Your Hand
D06 – Speech: Eric Morecambe And Ernie: „Wise Boys, what I was thinking…”
D07 – Moonlight Bay
D08 – Can’t Buy Me Love

LP 3
Side 5
E01 – All My Loning
E02 – You Can Do That
E03 – And I Love Her
E04 – A Hard Day’s Night
E05 – I Wanna Be Your Man
E06 – Long Tall Sally
E07 – Boys
E08 – Shout
E09 – I’ll Be Back (Take2)
E10 – I’ll Be Back (Take3)

Side 6
F01 – You Know What To Do
F02 – No Reply (Demo)
F03 – Mr Moonlight
F04 – Leave My Kitten Alone
F05 – No Reply
F06 – Eight Days A Week (Sequence)
F07 – Eight Days A Week (Complete)
F08 – Kansas city-Hey-Hey-Hey

Playback device: Thorens TD 166 MKI
Recorder head: Ortofon 2M Black
Preamplifier: Marantz 7 RIAA Clone “DIY” (Telefunken, TAD tubes)
Digitizer: Adobe Audition 3.0
Processing: Adobe Audition 3.0, iZotope RX 8, Foobar




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